Friday, 28 September 2012


"  Sometimes you don't want to be anywhere near tangible,but disappear. And appear at a completely unknown ,unseen platform.At thoughtlessness. And you get there and you realize you still cannot sleep.Maybe the pang of not knowing what you feel is way too much to be able to sleep. 

Thoughts follow the code of book. Code of perfectly straight pages of a virgin book. The way they become crooked around the corners with the passing time and you simply find them too stubborn , to give in to your frustration, of not able to bend them right! 

They, the thoughts are stubborn. Unyielding . Perspective less. Nasty. Good. Bad. Tender. Harsh. Gentle.

  • They do everything but heed you! "

Thursday, 27 September 2012

lets meet someday

Maybe we should meet someday,
we wouldn't talk about what happened,
who went wrong,
who forgave , who held on..
I think taking a walk would be a better idea.
By then,
maybe you would agree that quiet 
does not cut the wings of conversation,
that distances do not create voids.
Maybe i would start laughing abruptly,
followed by your confused gaze,
i will tell you a memory recollected 
and this time we would crack together,
out loud !
Ask about each other's children,
talk about us looking different..
And possibly get lost in some thought,
probably the thought of 'us'...
or of the lost years or maybe the silence 
would just mean a delicate understanding.
And then we may part, hoping for some other day...
The eyes wont well up, the tears wont splash.
Perhaps they will just absorb.
The moment!.
Its splendor! 

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

ethereal meeting

Pointless strolls.
Soundless sobs.
A reasonable anguish.
Ethereal meeting.

Gushing airs.

Snuggled silences
me and you
fragrances mingle.
Unanswered questions.
Not intruding anymore.
Meaningless whispers.
Ethereal meeting.

A delicate touch.

Eyes translucent.
Vain restrain.
Ethereal meeting. 

years bygone

Wrinkles on face have begun
speaking of lessons learnt ...
And eyes of lessons absorbed...
A ballad with time all these years...
Trying to customize things ...
Folding and unfolding of actions
forcing to encounter an unknown
uncertainity... sometimes...
A selfish being has begun to search
for traces of sincerity...
And sincere, of notoriety...
Of laughter and silence...
Of sorrow and happiness,
One is prisoner!
Addicted to change the picture of life...
perfect or imperfect
time after time...
Wrinkles on face have begun
speaking of lessons learnt ...
And eyes of lessons absorbed...